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CPH-NEW: Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace

The Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace (CPH-NEW) is a Center of Excellence funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) since 2006. It is a collaborative research-to-practice initiative led by investigators from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and the University of Connecticut.

Key Academic Units

CPH-NEW researchers are from a variety of academic disciplines and have extensive expertise in workplace health and safety as well as health promotion and education. They enjoy strong connections with private and public organizations and a robust educational and outreach infrastructure. The center has established partnerships with private-sector firms, labor organizations and state agencies.

The center’s research goal is to evaluate the feasibility, effectiveness and economic benefits of integrating occupational health and safety with health promotion interventions to improve employee health. The Center places a strong emphasis on occupational ergonomic interventions and worker involvement. Areas of particular interest include musculoskeletal health, mental health, and cardiovascular health. The Center benefits from both cross-university and cross-disciplinary programs involvement in basic and behavioral sciences, outreach and education.

Key Relevant Areas of Activity

Workplace Ergonomics and Organizational Research
Health Promotion and Wellness
Occupational Health Psychology
Community Health Outreach and Education
Ethel Donaghue TRIPP Center


CPH-NEW Announcments:

CPH-NEW Pilot Grant Application is Open

The Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace (CPH-NEW) Pilot Grants Program awards researchers small grants of up to $11,000 each to conduct preliminary studies or demonstration projects.

Projects must relate to the CDC National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health "
Total Worker Health" mission - the integration of occupational safety and health with workplace health promotion to advance health, safety and well-being of workers.

Investigators eligible for pilot project support include: 

  • Graduate students at accredited academic institutions 
  • Post-doctoral trainees, including physicians and nurses and those in medical residency programs 
  • Faculty members, visiting scholars, and research staff at accredited academic institutions 
Other individuals from community or non-academic institutions who have a demonstrated interest and research capability in relevant fields

Visit the
CPH-NEW Pilot Grant Program website.

Pilot Grant Deadlines

  • The letter of intent is due by November 17, 2014.
  • The full application is due by January 9, 2015 (by invitation only).


Winning Strategies Webinar 

Listen to Dr. Stephanie Lemon's webinar, "Winning Strategies for CPH-NEW Pilot Grants." Successful grant writer and Associate Professor at UMass Medical School, Lemon shares her grant writing tips and insights into the Pilot Grant Program

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Register by Oct 24 for the
CPH-NEW Research to Practice Forum: Results of the 2013 Pilot Grants Program on Nov 7 at the Community Engagement & Research Symposium in Worcester, MA.
More information about the symposium
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